Currently, we are working hard on our portfolio of games. However, we will not focus on many games we aim to make high-quality games with eye for detail. 

Solitaire Patience Klondike 

Currently, we offer a 2020 version of the famous card game Solitaire / Patience Klondike. 

  • Type of game: Card Game
  • Software: HTML 5
  • Framework: Phaser3
  • Android Friendly: yes
  • IOS Friendly: yes

Published Games


Patience.nl is the key domain for the game Solitaire in the Netherlands. We are proud to have our Patience game running on this beautiful domain and will serve the Dutch patience players with hours of fun and entertainment. 


Patience Klondike is a different skin of our Solitaire game. The game is exactly the same however it’s the English version and it is skinned with a completely different design. Solitaire is the most played game in the world and ideal for your company to skin it in your own corporate identity. Contact us for the possibilities.